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It's a freezing morning! In fact, the lowest temperature goes below the freezing point. It's such a time of year. Though the snow is not around yet, the air is that of winter.

In Hokkaido dialect, we describe this freezing coldness as "shibareru." I remember an American guy once said jokingly, "'Shibareru' is somewhat similar to the English word 'shivery' both in meaning and pronunciation!" Ah, kind of....

Speaking of Hokkaido dialect, we say "nageru" when we dispose of something. Nageru in Japanese means "to throw," so it's just like the expression "to throw something away" in English. In standard Japanese, we say "suteru" for this kind of action. In Nagoya, which is my wife's hometown, they say "hokaru." When I was first told this way, I didn't know what to do. "Hokaru? What??"

There are many regional dialects or accents in Japanese. I think people in Hokkaido have come to use the local dialect less and less. Dialect intensity varies greatly depending on the person here. I myself don't speak in Hokkaido dialect very much. Probably the most powerful dialect in Japan is Kansai-ben - Kansai dialect spoken by the people in the western part of Honshu such as Osaka and Kyoto!


Nagoyan(can we call them like this?) say "hokaru," not "hokasu"? Oh, I didn't know that. When I was in my hometown, I thought there was a big difference between Nagoya-ben and Kansai-ben, but now that I live far from there, I even feel nostalgic when I hear Nagoya accents.

Nagoyan - I didn't know this wording, but yeah it sounds reasonable. Hearing Nagoya-ben, I think it explains well that Nagoya is really situated in the center of Japan. Nagoya-ben has the flavors of both west and east. And as you say, it is a little more like kansai-ben.

Oh, and in Nagoya, they say "Hokatte" for "Throw it away". In Kansaiben, it's "Hokashite"?

My wife also "nageru," at Sendai. When I dump at her, she shouted, throw it into the dusbin!

Another one is "izui." Seems quite a convenient word. Anyone has the same word? Something uneasy.


Yes, "Throw it away" is "hokashite."


We don't use "izui."

Ken Loo, Hokkaido people do say "izui", though I don't use it. Your wife is from Tohoku, isn't she?


I want to study Japanese at university and concentrate on Japanese dialects. In particular the Kansai-ben. I don't know why but it attracts me! I also like the Nagoya-ben.

Toni, The Netherlands

Hi, Toni. Thanks for the comment. Hope you'll do well in studying the dialects. :)

Another interesting facet of the Nagoyan dialect is the use of "mieru" (literaly "can see")used instead of the standard Japanese "irassharu" (polite (keigo) form of the verb to be,or is)e.g. Tanaka san omie desuka? Tanaka san wa miemasuka?
(Is Tanaka there?).