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A recent poll conducted in the US shows that "two-thirds of Americans believe there are other forms of intelligence life in the universe." And 56 percent say they believe UFOs are real.

I don't think it's funny. Do you believe in UFOs? I would say, I'm neither a firm believer of UFOs nor a stubborn naysayer. I haven't seen UFOs myself. Nor have I heard of any rumors about them around here. But human beings may be nothing but tiny beings in the universe. We know almost nothing about the space outside of the earth. So it's nothing strange if some intelligent lives existed somewhere. Hey, why am I using "nothing" this much? Nothing is certain, after all.


Do I believe that "something's out there". I think it's probable. Seems silly to have this whole big universe just to ourselves.

Do I believe that X-File type UFOs are real? No. Why would anyone go to the trouble to visit us and then not come out and say "howdy".

Do I think about any of this very much? No. I think this world has enough exotic life forms to completely fascinate me. I don't need science fiction when the real word is so bizarre.

Hey! You've almost blogged a perfect month. I'm envious.

Four days to go. It's been a challenging month for me, but very enjoyable. :)

It's odd to think about whether I believe in UFOs. I mean, they're Unidentified Flying Objects, so how can one say one does or doesn't believe in something that's, after all, unidentified. I have sympathy for those who've had experiences of this kind, though. I have no such experience, but years ago, I did a *lot* of research on these matters. These people have had an abstruse experience that maybe makes it necessary to redefine what reality is: exclusively physical, psycho-physical, or something really different than we previously imagined. My father, though, has seen one of these UFOs.


Right. I tend to relate UFOs to spacecrafts from outer space. Oh, your father did?!

Yes, my father. It was a hunting trip before I was born. He and a few of his friends. They saw one of those cigar-shaped UFOs. My mom says that when he came back, he was very frightened.


That is the most credible UFO story that I've ever heard, because you told me, MNW.

My mom grew up in Massachusetts, in a small town... Once she was driving home with my grandparents on a remote country road, far from any town, with no lights around, when a huge bright light appeared behind their car.

My grandfather went faster and faster to try to get away from it, but it stayed right behind them. Finally, it shot off into the sky and was gone almost instantly. Pretty crazy... My grandmother is 86 now and still talks about it.... ;)

Wow, that's scary! Another real story. ;)