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Foreign Dreams

If you study a foreign language and reach a certain level, you would have dreams in the language. Have you ever experienced this kind of phenomena?

I don't remember when I had my first English dream. I usually dream in Japanese, of course, but have English ones every once in a while. Strangely, there is one thing that is common in every English dream I have. That is, native speakers speak "perfect" English, while I speak the way, you know, I'm supposed to do. Well, there may be no such thing as "perfect English," but anyway they do perform and speak perfectly the way native speakers would do, and sometimes I even think, in the dreams, that certain expressions they just uttered sound new to me and so I have to remember them. --- How can I have dreams that would be beyond my English ability? That is a mystery.

Unfortunately, I will forget the details of the dream soon after I wake up, and the supposed-to-be-useful new expressions are gone forever.


Two more days to go. :)

I'd suggest placing a pad of paper and a pen beside your bed for when these dreams do happen. You can get these phrases down on paper and repeat them to your readers to either confirm, or deny their existance in the mainstream of english pop culture. It's just an idea.

That is cool. I never though about that before. Dreaming in a different language. Huh, that would be neat. Now if only I knew a different language.

Yeah, TheRich, I'll try it. Thanks.

Tatroyer, it's a kind of strange experience. I'm always a Japanese in the dreams, so I want to play some different role in the next one. :)

I don't know any language but English. But what happens to me, sometimes, is... Well,... A few years ago, my wife told me about my waking her up in the middle of the night by speaking in what sounded to her like a foreign language. It has happened repeatedly after that. She says that sometimes it sounds like an African language, sometimes German, Asian. I've read a lot about this kind of thing; it's called somniloquy in the psychological literature. In Christian theology, my own background, it's called glossolalia, or "speaking in tongues". I've even found an account of a Lutheran minister exhibiting glossolalia in his sleep. It's not usually a sleep thing, for most experiencers.


This is one of the questions people always ask me about when I tell them I speak a few languages at home, Malaysia; what language do I dream in? As it never really appears to me as a problem, I answer them, depends on the person. If a person I know of has been speaking to me in Malay, the person will never speak Chinese to me in my dream, or the other way, unless he/she "jokes."

I find that if I go to sleep thinking in a certain language, usually I will end up dreaming at least partially in that language... I sort of still remember the first time I dreamed in Japanese... I was 11 or 12 years old, and it freaked me out a bit at the time... I got used to it though. :)

I speak in foreign languages when dreaming all the time, with a heavy accent as well. The trouble is, I don`t speak any of these languages. But the words come out just like I was speaking english. It seems so natural. I am aware when I dream of what is going on, and stop and try to understand what I have just said, but can`t. I like being aware that I am dreaming, so I face any fear that I may have, and confront it. So I fear nothing.

When dreaming I have been known to speak in a foreign tongue ( even though I am not aware of this). People have heard me when this occurs and it apparently sounds remarkably similar to portuguese.