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Need a good laugh? Then Googlism could be a good place to visit. It is a "fun tool to see what Google 'thinks' of certain topics and people."

I went there and typed "Kiyoharu Hatano" in the search box. No match. Phew, it's a decent result, I should say. Kind of scary, isn't it? OK, then what about "Kiyoharu"? --Wow, it came out!

>kiyoharu is actually trying to sing like a punk artist from america

No, I'm not good at singing. I wish I could try. Ha!

>kiyoharu is doing some weird dialogue towards the end making it even more freaky

Mind your own business.

>kiyoharu is back

Oh year! I'm back! ...What?

>kiyoharu is very attractive

Oh, really?

>kiyoharu is really

Really what??! Come on!

>kiyoharu is a shitass


Below the search box are four buttons that read "Who is," "What is," "Where is," and "When is." Clicking on them, you'll see alphabetical lists that show keywords. I clicked "What is" and then "k". Surprisingly enough, I found "kec journal" listed there. Wow, is my blog that famous? OK, let me know what "kec journal" is like....

>kec journal is a journal in english written by kiyoharu hatano

Only this? No joke? Well, it's just as it is. Yeah, actually I feel a little relieved. But I wonder who wrote this.


Funny, eh? I have to go there, but I can't right now....(T-T)

Hey Kiyo,

To answer your question - it appears Greggman was the person who wrote the description of KEC Journal:



Oh, it's Greggman! Thanks, Jason, for clearing the mystery!