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When I was a kid, I thought Hanabi (fireworks) were entertainment that was unique to Japan. So, it came as a shock when I knew that wasn't really. Hahaha! Fireworks are fun to watch, aren't they? Cyberfireworks.com offers you virtual fireworks shows. You click anywhere in the sky on the photos there, and fireworks come out. It's this simple, but once you start, you can't stop, uh, maybe.

Hanabi festivals are popular summer attractions throughout Japan. I've missed them for the past couple of years, though....

You know...I feel like shooting off fireworks ... NOW!

Yeah, I did it. Look at the calendar here. All the numbers are now bold-faced! I know, there are a lot of bloggers who keep posting more than one entry every day, so what I have done is not a big deal. But it's an achievement for me, because this is the first time I've covered a whole month since I started blogging this February and I was a once-in-three-day blogger for the first couple of months. There may have been entries for entries' sake, but my blogging philosophy for now is here in Joy of Blogging. Thanks for all the encouragement, folks.

yatta! proud calendar Yay!

As a reward for myself, I will vote for my site for the ATB Award. Yeah, actually I haven't voted yet. I'm so happy to have been nominated there at all, and so whether I can win the award or not doesn't really matter. I mean it. But now I think I'll vote for me as a bit proud blogger. And I'm grateful to all those who have kindly voted for my site. :)

Thank you for reading my blog. It's really fun to blog with you!


Congratulations on making it everyday this month!!!
Keep up the great work! :-)

Yeah Kiyo! You deserve that ATB Award so go ahead ... vote for yourself! It's fun blogging with you, too :)

I think there should be a fireworks celebration just for this occasion!! It really is quite an accomplishment Kiyo. I've been blogging for nearly five years and I have yet to blog daily for a month. I envy your commitment!

You've made it! Congratulations! Shows stick-to-it-ability! And lucidity.


Great job, Kiyo-san.
I have to "tsume no aka wo senjite nomu."
(I can't write this in English because it's so ... disgusting if it is translated.) ;)

Congrats! Not just quantity, but quality.

Congrats! And Thanks! You've encouraged those who are new to write/blog like me to keep it up. It's good and fun to blog with you really.

Thanks, guys! You all are cool!