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Harry Potter

Ohayo, guys! We are off to see Harry Potter. Since today is the film's opening day in Japan, and it's a national holiday, though not a Harry Potter holiday, the theater will be terribly crowded. Though I don't like to be in crowded places, it's shikatanai (It's what I chose to do). I only hope there will be no chatterboxes around us during the movie. See you later harry potter....

... Konbanwa (Good evening), folks! We are back. So the film was..."Bloody hell!" No, no , I'm joking. It's a lot of fun. And if you are to see the movie, you'd better not leave your seat when the credits roll.


Subtitled or dubbed?

Subtitled. You can also choose to see a dubbed version. Why?

Why would someone choose to see the dubbed version, or why did I ask?

To answer the last question first, I think it is very important to see a movie in its original language. Unfortunately, all of Miyazaki's movies are dubbed when they are released in the US. That's because American's still associate animated features with children, and they think children won't like watching a movie if they have to read. (I'm ashamed to say that a lot of American adults won't watch or rent a subtitled movie either. Sad and strange.)

I have to wait until the Region 1 DVD of "Spirited Away" is released in the US to listen to the Japanese. That's another problem...back in the day of video and laserdiscs I could buy them in Japan and play them here. But with DVD region encoding, it is much more difficult to get Japanese language films. Basically, if they decide not to release it as a Region 1 disc, I won't see it. Corporations are controlling the flow of culture. (Yes, I know I could get a mult-region player, or even dedicate my Mac to Region 2, but in many cases Amazon simply won't ship Region 2 DVDs outside of Japan.)

For instance, I really want the 2-box set of the James Cameron TV show "Dark Angel"--which for some reason has been released in Japan and Germany, but not in the US. I was so excited when I found it on amazon.com.jp. It was both subtitled and dubbed and the idea of watching this rather silly show dubbed into Japanese was irresistable. But, if I translated the kanji correctly, they won't ship it to the US. "Domestic use only."

Oh yeah, I got it, M. It's much better to see a movie in its original language. Commercial TVs in Japan broadcast English movies dubbed in Japanese.

I didn't know about the Region Code things. I've just been to amazon.co.jp, and found the DVD is actually Region 2 only. The explanation is "domestic version", which I think refers to the meaning of "Region 2." So I think they can ship it to you anyway. But you can't see it on your players? Hmm...What an weird system the so-called Region Code is!

When I lived in Okinawa as a child, the TV station would broadcast "Bonanza" dubbed in Japanese. Because this was a western, we thought it was hilarious in Japanese, especially whenever the second son spoke. His nickname was "Hoss" because he was as big as a horse and he normally spoke in a slow, deep voice.

I will look at amazon.com.jp again. Maybe I should try to order the Dark Angel DVDs. If they can't ship them, I'm sure they'll let me know. Thanks.

If they can't, I'll buy it and send it to you. ;)