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OK, guys, it's Sunday Special! -- What is it? Um, don't care, I just felt like saying so. ;)

Well, I like the feel of good old Japan. The website "Sozaiya Tyon" offers cool web graphics, and many of them give me some nostalgic feelings. I'm a big fan of the works there. Though the site is written in Japanese, you will be able to enjoy the gems by clicking the icons on the upper part of the page.

Here, I'll show you a couple of images from the site that have much to do with things Japanese.

A traditional Japanese-style house. The narrow wooden floor that adjoins the tatami room is called "engawa," which acts as a smooth transition between inside and outside of the house. I like it, but this kind of house isn't suited in Hokkaido because of the cold, snowy climate here. Too bad.

OK, this is a perfect scene that well creates Japanese mood - the moon and susuki (Japanese pampas grass). It's a Japanese legend that there is a rabbit doing mochitsuki (pounding rice-cake rice) on the moon. So, when I was a kid, I felt the shadow on the moon looked like a rabbit.

Nice face, isn't it? It's "henohenomoheji." Every part of the face consists of a hiragana character.