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Joy of Blogging

I've been in the winning streak this month, kinda. What? Well, as you can see on the calendar, I've kept posting for 15 consecutive days so far. Don't you feel the calendar looks as if it were a win-loss table? It's my secret pleasure to make it filled with bold-faced numbers.

I had a little hard time blogging a few weeks ago. My blogging style is to write about whatever comes to my mind from moment to moment, and that one post a day. It would be a usual matter that there are times when you can't come up with anything to write about. I was, however, in the extreme end then. Literally nothing came to mind once I sat in front of the monitor wondering what to blog about. Or rather, it could be that I didn't feel like blogging. I was aware that I had grown a little tired of it. I even thought of throwing it up. -- If you have been on the Net for quite a while, you may understand me. But I tried not to dump my blog anyway, because one of my objectives in blogging is to maintain and improve my English skills. Even if the quality or content of entries were poor depending on the day, it would be at least useful for my English training to keep it up. The thought made me relaxed. Usually, I don't brood over things, but maybe I was beginning to think of blogging too seriously.

Yeah, keeping it up is really important once you started blogging - in another sense as well. Fortunately I've been blessed with wonderful visitors, who, to my great pleasure, think my blog is not bad. Being able to interact with people through blogging means a lot. How could I cut such valuable links?

There are ups and downs in doing anything.


Great thoughts. I know exactly where you're at. My blogging has been slowly tapering off in the past few weeks, mostly due to other projects taking up my time. However, a good part of the reason is my lack of interesting things to post. I think of something, start to blog it, then think, "this is dumb, who wants to read this?" *delete*

On the point of "throwing it up"...I think you mean "giving it up"? Throwing up means being sick to your stomach (nauseated/vomit).

Keep up the good work...or should I say, keep up the good play. :)

Here is someone who likes to read your blog, bcj. ;)

Oh yeah, I meant "giving it up." I was using "throwing it up" with the association of the expression "throwing up one's job." Thanks for pointing it out. :)

I hope you do keep it up. I'd miss my doses of Lagniappe from Japan if you stopped. Don't feel a pressure to update *every* day though ... many of the blogs I read will go sometimes for a two or three day break without updates (mine being the most inconstant of all). I just move on to the next blog in my list, and come back again a day later. I wouldn't stop reading a site if the updates became less frequent, although I may read it less frequently for a period ...

Thanks, Dan. Really encouraging. I'll enjoy blogging, yeah.