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Parents teach their children how to greet people properly. Seems like it isn't necessarily done properly these days, though.

There are certain set expressions that should be used depending on the situation. For example, when you enter into someone's home in Japan, you are supposed to say "Ojama shimasu" -- literally it means something like "I'm going to bother you," yet is a very polite phrase. Young kids may not know the meaning, but anyway they are told to say so and practice it. By using this phrase repeatedly, they'll be able to use it naturally, and it will be a living expression for them.

I think learning a language is the ultimate form of "memorization." You can learn your mother tongue without being aware of learning it, because you are exposed to a shower of the language all the time and have vast opportunities to use it. In the process, however, there are times when you try to memorize certain words and phrases and use them. The mixture of intentional and unintentional learning -- that will make you a native speaker of the language.

If you learn a foreign language in your country, things don't go that way. You have very limited chances to hear and use the language. But you should try anyway. Try to read and listen as much as possible. Try to memorize as many expressions and use them as often as possible. Knowing is one thing, and practicing is another. It's a long and winding road, to be sure, but worth going through. Yeah, I'm on the way of learning.

Reading and writing blogs is an effective way of learning a language - whether it's your mother tongue or not. Why not make use of it? :) -- Oh my, I didn't think of saying this kind of stuff when I started writing this entry. Haha. I'm just blogging away.