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Yeah! TheRich of RUHome kindly made a cool link icon for me. And Tyon-san of Sozaiya Tyon has generously OK'd the use of the image on it. So this is a kind of joint work of Rich-san and Tyon-san. I would say it symbolizes the friendship between Canada and Japan! Exaggerated? Never mind. I just felt like saying so.

I haven't had a link icon for my blog, simply because I can't create it. Actually I've made one once for my school website. Looks good? Kind of. But I got burned out after making it. I'm not suited to creating images or that kind of things. I got Paint Shop Pro as a prize for joining the web hosting service I'm using now. Chances are, it will be left unused. It's likely to be "Takara no mochigusare." (Unused treasure is a waste of treasure.) Mottainai! (What a waste!) OK, so much for Kiyo's Japanese lesson. Thanks.


I have always felt inadequate after my repeated failed attempts to produce anything with any artistic merit from a graphics package such as Paint Shop Pro. I always get lost in the maze of menus. The simplest things I want to do seem not to be possible, at least extremely difficult. I am so relieved that someone as accomplished and clever as Kiyo also has difficulties with these programs.

I'm glad too to know that I'm not the only one to be puzzled over the menus of Paint Shop Pro, though I want to do the simplest things.