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Looks OK?

Oh, hi! You came at just the right time. Could you tell me which this page looks like, 1) this, 2) this, or 3) this, or possibly 4) this? What browser do you use? It's a stylesheet thing, and this page seems to look differently according to the browser and its version you use. Thanks.


It looks like #2 in Internet Explorer version 6.

Same as David, Kiyo - #2 in IE6. Which browser is giving you the wonky layout problem? I bet it's Opera! :)

I'll third that with #2 in IE6.


Looks like #2 with IE 5.2.2 for a Mac running OS 10.1.5.

It looks like #2 to me, in IE 6.0 on a PC.

#2 in IE 6.0.2

#2 for Mozilla 1.1 and IE6


Thanks folks! I appreciate your help. Jennifer, I'm curious to know how this page looks on Opera. ;) It's good to know it looks like #2 on IE 5 on Mac and Mozilla as well. Thanks.

Hi Kiyo, it looks like #2 in Opera 6.03

Thanks for nice info, SQ. Hmmm...it looks like #2 on Opera. OK, it's really helpful!