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Snow and Onsen

Getting up this morning, I found everything outside white with snow. Beautiful! ...No, wait, hey, Winter, give me a brake, no, break! I don't want to see snow now. It's only November 10th. Besides, I haven't changed tires yet!

Well, yesterday's Sento entry was what I was inspired to write about by tatroyer's questions. It's nice to blog about something asked by visitors. It's instructive to me as well. I feel like I've learned many things about Japanese bathhouses. If you happen to find a topic that you want me to blog about, please let me know anytime.

Though I'm not a big fan of Sentos, where I haven't been for around 20 years, I like to go to public bathing places at Onsen resorts. I bet you'll get hooked once you're there. Oh, and this morning I came across an interesting web page by a British guy that describes his bathing experience in Japan.

Nothing would be more relaxing than soaking in Onsen on a cold day like today.



Great! When your update was a bit late (to my frequency), I knew that you must have been doing some research work and something is "coming soon." There you're! Thanks! I enjoyed this, too.

Sorry for not commenting at all recently though I have been enjoying your posts. One thing I thought of pinging one of your recent posts about this sento just to "make use" the features of MT, but. . .

Just like Sendai, Miyagi, hometown of my wife, was never mentioned in Kojiki or even may be till Edo era (in Japanese history), I mean not much mentioned. Hokkaido hasn't come into the picture of mine as well whenever Edo era was concerned. When I read anything about Edo or whatever, how the life of Miyagi or Hokkaido people at that time are always a question/concern to me. Especially when Hokkaido is mentioned, it always refers to Ainu race (that's all I know!). So your mention of sento that goes back to Edo in fact interests me. Keep it up!

Hahaha, yeah, there are a lot of sento-related sites on the Web, and I enjoyed reading them. And, interestingly, I didn't think of Hokkaido when I was learning about the history of sentos. I think I will write something about Hokkaido one of these days. Thanks.