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So, on IE 6, this page looks like #2. That's what I intend to display here. But, actually, it is supposed to look like #1.

The thing is -

Initially I wanted a two-column layout, placing the blog entries on the right, without using tables. Also, for readability reason, I didn't want the content to be too wide. So I set the width of each column accordingly. But I got to know later (thanks to bcj.) that this didn't seem to work well on IE 6 (I was using IE 5.5 at that time). I tried shrinking the width of the right section a little. I don't know why, but by doing so it looked just fine at least on IE 6, and so I've left it as it is. I think it's an IE 6 issue, but as long as it looks like #2, or #1 anyway, on your browsers, it's OK for now, though not all comfortable. (Truth is, I'm scared to examine the templates. haha)

On another note, I noticed that the comment counter at the bottom right of each entry wouldn't update. Wow, this is the first time I've had any trouble with MovableType. I searched the support forum of MovableType for help, and found it's a phenomenon newly seen in Version 2.51. According to the answers there, I have to ask my server to install a module called "Digest::MD5." Since I don't like the idea, I did "version down" (Japlish) to 2.5. Just wait and see.


Test, test. It's fine today.