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Though I am Japanese and live in a fishing town in Hokkaido, I'm not very fond of sushi and sashimi. Funny thing is, I can eat maguro (tuna) and like it, but not toro, the fatty and more "expensive" part of it. I don't understand why uni (sea urchin) is so popular. Yeah, I do think, if only I could enjoy them! But raw fish (and raw meat as well) gets me down.

If you like sushi, enjoy Sushi Fortune Telling.

Now, my wife and I are going to Abashiri, a nearby city, to do some shopping and have ramen noodles for lunch.

Boy, one more day. Hey, I'm getting a little nervous. ;)


I never think of Sapporo without remembering the wonderfully fresh and plentiful salmon roe. I would gladly trade the dinner I had that evening for tonight's Thanksgiving turkey.

I'm going to have to check your blog tomorrow to see if you make the big 3-0!! Good luck, I hope something exciting happens for you to blog!

As a person who really likes sea food, I envy you so much. I love tuna fish, uni, ikura, crab meat, .... but not toro.

M, actually I like salmon roe. Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

Rae, thanks for kind words! Don't forget to check it out tomorrow. ;)

Serena, my town is a perfect place to enjoy ikura and crab. ;)

Happy shopping, Kiyo! This sounds like a nice outing. I like sushi a lot, but also noodles. Favorite sushi are the spicy tuna rolls and the mackerel. Right now, though, I don't want to think too much about food, after cooking all day. You're really on a roll with the Journal, one of my favorite reads online. :)


Oh, mackerel. It shows you really like sushi. I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday. :)