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The Mouse

Thanks to Jason for wondering what the mouse in the left side bar is doing, I finally carried out the work of linking to the websites that offer the fine web images I use here. I'd long left it undone, though I'd thought I should do soon.

Now, here is the mouse in question. What do you think it is doing? Oh, before that, is it he or she?

For Jason's question, I asked the author if she had something special in mind when making it. Hey, she was kind enough to answer it:

She drew a mouse, and for no special reason let it carry a bundle wrapped in furoshiki on its back. Then the name "Nezumi Kozo" occurred to her, and so she let it run.

That's about it. Oh, I have to explain "furoshiki" and "Nezumi Kozo." A furoshiki is a piece of cloth used for wrapping things up. It's a traditional article, giving much of the flavor of the Japanese culture. Various bags have taken the place of furoshiki now, though. "Nezumi Kozo," or "Jirokichi the Rat," is a famous robber in the Edo period. He is said to rob mansions of daimyo (feudal lords) only, and give money away to the poor. "Nezumi" is "rat" or "mouse." I guess he was small in stature and moved as swiftly as rats.

So, Jason, your guess seems to be correct. ;)