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What dya think?

Much to the disappointment of the fans here, the major league all-stars have lost three games in a row. The scores are 8-2, 8-4, and 8-6. So it'll be 8-8 in the next game, eh?

They might have been exhausted from the rush of the same questions repeated by the Japanese media -- about Hideki Matsui, a star slugger who has expressed his intention to play in the majors next season. Wherever they go, they are exposed to these questions - "What do you think about Matsui?" and "Do you think Matsui will make it in the majors?" How can they answer? They have seen just a bit of him. Who cares? A stupid TV interviewer called away some of the players from the dugout DURING a game, and asked, "Would you like to see Matsui hit a home run?" Ha! Why not let them concentrate on the game? That's the way things are done in the (ugly) Japanese TV media.

By the way, Japanese like to ask "What do you think about Japan?" kind of questions when talking to people from other countries. So, be prepared when you come here for the first time. Oh, but you don't have to be serious about this. In most cases, they are like "How are you? - Fine, thank you" kind of things. And if you are a woman and happen to be at a drinking party with some uncool oyajis (middle-aged men) around, you will almost certainly be asked, "What do you think about Japanese men?" Answer whatever you like.

So, folks, what do you think about my blog? Haha!


Great site, informative, and fun.

Oh, you're talking about my site, Ken Loo? Thanks! Hey, I'm flattered. ;)

In all seriousness: I'm a big fan of your site. It's fascinating to read about the differences between Japanese and American cultures! Please keep writing...

Thanks for a comment, Beth. I really appreciate your compliments. Yes, I'll keep writing!

honto ni I like it. Really!

I always enjoy your discussions on language, idiomatic expressions in Japanese, differences between dialects, and difficulties of learning English. And let's not forget toilets. You're the toilet master.

It's really neat how this little group of us bloggers has developed a virtual "conversation club". And I really think of you as being the head of it because you introduced Eri and Darren to me and me to everyone else. And then Ken Loo dropped by and sometimes Jason Cha or Kurt shows up. And everyone contributes something interesting.

All you other people who read, but don't comment. Don't be shy. Come join us.

I don't always comment, but I haven't skipped one post since I first started reading your blog. It's very interesting and entertaining.

By the way, not just the oyajis ask that question. The younger guys are also inclined to ask "Do you like Japanese men?" and I am always inclined to respond, "I like all men."

Thanks M and Jennifer!


I think it's great for us to exchange views on both languages and cultures. If we hadn't started blogging, we couldn't have such a wonderful opportunity. Korekaramo yoroshiku!(untranslatable)


Hahaha, nice response! OK, I'll call them "oyaji guy." I'm really glad you've kept reading my blog.