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Wow, the year 2002 is almost over. So, what has this year been like for you? Well, for me, it's been like...one of those years. No, not really. It's been a fairly good year both officially and privately. Kind of a busy year, and I feel the year has passed very fast. Talking of the Net things, it's been a blogging year. For the first time in my life, I started writing a journal in English. And thanks to it, I've made new good friends from various countries. That's great.

Just in case I can't blog tomorrow - Have a nice New Year's Eve, folks!


I just want to wish everyone here a Happy New Year.

at year's end,
this dotted line
of streetlights


Happy New Year!

May everyone have a happy and safe 2003!


Thanks for a nice haiku, MNW. Happy New Year! And thanks for the first comment of the year 2003, tatroyer. Let's keep up blogging this year too. :)