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7th Graders

I asked a 7th grade class yesterday what images they have of some English-speaking countries. Here are their random responses.


freedom, New York, crimes, guns, Hollywood, Bush, Columbus, everything's big


cold climate, adjacent to the US, lakes, large area, wooden architecture, coniferous trees


Queen Elizabeth, Beckham (football player), Union Jack, music, chimney sweeping


kangaroos, koalas, desertification, Ian Thorpe (swimmer), Sydney Olympics


I think they did pretty well with the Canada one. What does the "wooden architecture" mean though? Like log homes or something or just wood-clad buildings (as opposed to stone or brick). Just curious :) I hope they know it's not always cold here ;)

Oh yeah, actually I'm wondering about it, Jennifer. As I recall, the students said they had learned it in social studies. I'll ask them again at next class. :)

Maybe they meant "log cabins". The maple syrup bottle I have has a picture of a log cabin in the woods in the snow, with smoke curling from its chimney.

The "freedom" comment really got me thinking on how lucky I really am to have it. It is just one of those things that I take way too much for granted. :-)

I think you might be on to something, M Sinclair! Maple syrup with log cabins! Oh Kiyo - make sure to tell them we don't really live in those! ;)

Oh wow... kangaroos! You have to make sure they know we don't have them as pets!