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I got a call from the telephone company two days ago telling me that my location has no problem with the ADSL connection. I have learned there is this distance problem with ADSL. Now it is officially made sure that ADSL can be available at my home and that was no joke. Cool. As I'm so used to accessing the Net with ISDN, I can't feel for sure what it is really like to be on the coming new internet connection speed. I take the ISDN performance for granted. Yeah, actually I have little stress with it, except that I stay away from heavy websites that take much time to load, avoid downloading big files, and give up watching streaming videos, and blah, blah, blah. Well, the gift is coming to my home on Christmas Eve.

Tell me, if you will, what internet connection you use, and how you feel about it.

* Personal note to MNW: My wife made me hazelnut coffee just now. I don't know if it's in any way like what the White Hen serves, but it tastes very good. :)


I have ADSL from verizon.net and I love it! I had to wait 2 years to get it from the time of signing up to actualling being connected and another 6 months to get my el cheapo web cam, but the speeds are great.

I am now thinking of singing up for cable too which has just become avaible. Using the new duo router/switch I could multihome very easily and have a great connection!

I've been using Cable for the past three-and-a-half years. Over the period it has had it's ups and downs, but now it's a very solid form of internet. I wouldn't give it up for the world. But I would give it up for say, a really delcious chocolate chip cookie.

I am on ADSL with a 256 uplink and a 128 downlink. It is very nice and I would never go back to a 56k modem. They only way you will get my DSL modem is to pry it from my cold dead hands. :-)

I've used both cable and ADSL since 1998, and I've been satisfied with both. At the moment, I'm using cable, and the only thing about the service that annoys me is the capped upstream speed.

Cable only, but with two different providers over the past 5 years.

I couldn't ask for much more. Great bandwidth, low latency, and relatively cheap!

Depending on what speed you end up getting on your DSL line, dialup/ISDN will likely be EXTREMELY painful if you ever have to use it again ;)

Good luck!

Thanks for the input, guys! So you all have used Broadband for years. Wow. Seems like I'd better think I've developed patience during that period. It's good that I don't need chocolate chip cookies now to get a faster connection.

Blaine, thanks for pinning your location in the GuestMap.

It looks as though Kiyo's posting streak has come to an end. Congrats on a solid month and a half. :)

That's right and thanks TheRich. I did it. ;)