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Blogging, blogged

My winning streak has still been going on. Now that I accomplished a perfect month in November, I'm relaxed. It's fun to look at the bold-faced numbers on the calendar. Oh, now it feels like I even understand how athletes who keep winning feel. A Japanese pro baseball pitcher would say in his winning interview, "I'd rather have a feeling of relief having my winning streak stopped." Hmmm, yeah, I know how you feel, man. So... what should I do? Blogging itself is not necessarily a hard task for me, since I enjoy blogging away as I like, posting one short entry a day. So nobody would take it strange even if I posted like "Hi. I have nothing to blog about today. Bye." Trouble is, even that kind of post can be counted as an entry. I wouldn't do that.

All right. I've now decided to skip today's post. By stopping the winning streak today, I will be able to blog with fresh spirit tomorrow. Good idea. It's Sunday. Good. Yeah. OK. ...huh?


All your talk about the calendar has me thinking about putting one on my site. I think it would be too depressing, though, as I have become far from a regular blogger. I think I'll increase my frequency now that I have a fresh site, but I won't make any promises I can't keep.

Let me introduce myself... ;)

Well, let me introduce myself...hahaha!

It seems you have blogged frequently recently. I hope you will. The entry about the "moron" was kind of a breathless suspense! ;)

Perhaps I should adapt that for a movie...