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Another heavy snowfall. Come on! I don't need this tough exercise. Soooo I said thank you for the winter, no, I said I HATE winter.

With Christmas approaching, I see a lot of entries about it on other blog sites, and as a matter of course, I can't resist writing about it. It's undoubtedly a big occasion in Japan too.

Christmas has little, if any, religious meaning in this seemingly Shinto and Buddhist country. There are even no Christmas holidays. Then, what is all the fuss made here about? Never mind. We simply enjoy it. It is a joyous event in a year where we eat the Christmas cake, called "decoration cake" here, which ends up being left after the day, exchange presents without thinking about the reason why, and have parties simply because it's supposed to be "merry" anyway.

Well, don't get me wrong. I like Christmas. I feel like urging the government to make the day a holiday. There is always something exciting about it. Besides I have a lot of good memories. And I like the story of "Yes, Virginia, there is Santa Claus." Oh, but I wonder how the little Virginia really felt about the message.

It's always a white Christmas here, whether you're dreaming of it or not.


Oh I'm looking forward to a white Christmas one day. If I ever get overseas, I'm going to make sure it's at this time of year.
Now in Melbourne Australia, it's around 30 degrees celsius. When growing up you could always count on your Mum cooking a roast in a stinking hot kitchen for Christmas lunch.

I've never had a white Christmas, either. At least not that I remember (maybe when I went to visit grandparents when I was a baby). It's a little difficult to get into the Christmas spirit when it's 24C outside and the roses are blooming.

I can't imagine Christmas without snow--although that might happen for me this year. It's six degrees celcius right now and all of our snow has melted. Could this mean a tragic end to the White Christmas? Stay tuned!

I hope to experience a "hot" Christmas some day. :) What happened to Canada?? It's colder here now. ;)

I'm kind of tired of the idea of a white Christmas. I mean, think about it, the original Christmas took place in the Middle East, probably during spring. Things shifted to late December partly as a cultural link between the new Christian religion and the old Pagan ones via the winter solstice. And that's o.k. The lowpoint in the solar calendar is fraught with meaning for all. But I guess what wearies me some times is the Western fixation on a Ninteenth Century Christmas (complete with Northern European snow and Ebenezer Scrooge). Or a 1940s Christmas (starring Bing Crosby and bopping along with vintage pop Christmas songs and Santa). Sheesh. This seems like an odd thing for a Christian to comment on in such a tone, doesn't it? I do celebrate the holiday. So... all you fellow netizens... Merry Christmas, anyway!


Haven't seen a white xmas in my area for quite some time, but the weather has been weird for the past decade here.... :D
Your comments, Kiyo, reminds me of a joke...I've put it in the forums section for those interested....:D

well, have a great holiday everybody....and even if it's not a great holiday, pretend it is and remain in good cheer... :D

can't have xmas without some Grinchy info... :D


and for something really grinchy...