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It's December. In the old Japanese calendar, this month was called "Shiwasu." "Shi" means teachers or priests, and "wasu" "to run." Things are so busy in December that even teachers and priests run around. I also run here and there and even fly. No, no, I'm joking. Well, business as usual, kinda. In fact, people hustle in December to bring the year to a fine end and greet the New Year with peace of mind. "Shiwasu" is a common term even now.

I have changed the look of this page a little for a winter version; the wallpaper and the snowman. I'm afraid it looks a little too kawaii (cute) for a blog of a middle-aged guy. Huh?


I think the new design looks very nice.

Wow, looks lovely!
I was a bit surprised to know that your web design has been changed right after I changed colors of mine. (That's all I can do right now...phew)

I like the little snowman. :-)

Thanks, David, Serena, and tatroyer. :) Serena, you have learned HTML? The colors look nice, but the right column is a little hard to see, I should say. ;)

Oh, do you think so too? (~~;
I would like that to be lighter, but I cannot find the color code. (T-T)