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26 students at Hitotsubashi University cheated on an exam using a cell phone e-mail service. Ken Loo has already blogged about it. Cell phone use has come this far, huh?

Funny thing is, an instructor found the cheating because there were a significant number of identical answers and mistakes. Hey, college students need to develop creativity, don't they? And the still funnier thing is that the instructor reportedly told the suspected students that the university would not take disciplinary action against them if they honestly admitted cheating. No kidding?

According to a newspaper report, it's a common scene at university these days that students take lectures having a PDA, a cell phone, and a PET bottle on their desk. A PET bottle?! A professor says he turns a blind eye to his students using cell phone e-mail during class because it's better than being noisy. What the....?


I feel the same. The first thing when I see anyone having the phone at the exam hall, I am sure I will say no. But, because nowadays students use mobile phone as a watch, that's why they don't stop them. Can you believe it? You should have a big clock in front of the hall!

Absolutely. They shouldn't allow students to use cell phones even as watches. Something's wrong.

I can't believe it - I just read this story in a Melbourne newspaper too!! Apparently using the mobile phone to cheat is the new "in" thing.

Oh, it's reported in Australia too! I only hope it will be the "out" thing soon.

it's happening in india. outdated now, students r getting smarter these days. one should call it an INNOVATIVE CHEATING PRACTICES