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Harsh Winter?

It's cold, eh? Forgive me for whining about the cold a number of times in this blog. It's a typical greeting in winter here in Hokkaido - Iyaa, samui desu ne! We have to get through a long tough winter every year. Yeah, we actually need to get through it. And through it, we learn perseverance. Oh, really? Well, don't ask any further about it. When I was a nice, likable young guy (no complaints accepted), I didn't wear any underwear except for briefs all through the year. But now, I can't get through a winter without a full set of warm underwear on. Iyaa, samui desu ne!

But the cold here seems to be no match for that of Canada! It's -20 C out there! Uh, it's -4 F, for your information. Can you believe it? It doesn't go under -10 C at the coldest even here at this time of year. Canadians are great! Oh, but I think I have to reconsider my future plan of living there.


And it's only December yet, Kiyo. Our coldest month is January. We'll see -40 then (which is apparently the same in Celsius and Fahrenheit, which I still haven't figured out how that can be). When it's -40, you can throw a glass of water in the air and it will freeze before it hits the ground. Very cool to watch, actually. No pun intended ;)

Ooooooh, it's cool! ;) The lowest temperature I've experienced here is around -20 C. I feel it's been less severe around here in recent years.

Before I got married, some people told me the same thing like "Oh, are you going to live in Utsunomiya? It's so cold around there. The lowest temperature is -7!"

Well, I'm now in the bit more north, and I believe this is the most northern part where I can live, though I'd like to visit Hokkaido and Canada.

Funny you should mention how cold it is in Canada right now. I was just out in it thinking how I should probably blog about it. I went out, scraped the frost off my car, left it sitting for about two hours and I had to scrape off the frost AGAIN! How about you and I trade houses Kiyo? I'd like the warmer winters of Hokkaido. *shiver*

It's getting cold here in North Texas too...it's 40 F / 4 C right now, and should get down to about 23 F / -5 C tomorrow night.

The funny thing is, we made it up to 73 F / 23 C on Monday afternoon. That's Texas for you.

Hmmm...I would choose Texas. I couldn't survive the temperature of -40 C. ;)