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Last Saturday I was watching a news program on TV, where they were reporting that a Japanese-style public bath has gained much popularity in Melbourne. It was a surprise. Several local guys were soaking in the bathtub, looking comfortable. A Japanese reporter asked one of them how he felt, to which he answered it was very relaxing. Sure, there is no pleasure like a hot bath on a cold day. Wait, it's summer out there, isn't it? Ah, it feels great to soak in a bath and freshen up on a hot day, mate.

The Japanese bathhouse, Ofuro-ya, has a website. It started business in Melbourne in 1999! That must have been a challenge.


Seriously, it IS summer in Melbourne! Today is 19 degrees celsius, which is not hot. Summer is usually around 30+ degrees celsius! Don't know what is going on. But my winter wardrobe still hasn't been put away....

Oh, it's rather cold for summer, Rae. We had a terribly cold summer here in the northern part of Japan this year too.

You can also enjoy a bath house atmosphere in Sydney. The Ginseng Bathhouse is in a hotel in Kings cross and it's and enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.

It's just a pity my girlfriend and I have to travel to Japan to enjoy a mixed rotemburo. But then again Japan is alway worth the trip :)

In Sydney too! Sounds nice, Tancred. And you have experienced "kon-yoku" (mixed bathing)? Great! ;)

Hi Kiyo
When we first went to Japan my girlfriend and I stayed with another friend who was teaching English in Sendai. She took us to our first Onsen and we loved it :)

It was also interesting to see the reaction of some of the older Japanese men as several Gaijin women entered the mixed Rotemburo. Our friend, along with several others from the English school seemed to spend a lot of their time seeking out new Onsens/Sentos etc. I also picked up this wonderful past time.

I wish I had been there to see the reactions of the older men. ;)