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Self Introduction

Let me introduce myself. My name is Kiyoharu Hatano. I'm a freshman at Hokkai Gakuen University, and majoring in law. I'd like to be a good speaker of English, but I'm a beginner myself, blah, blah, blah...

This is what I was told to memorize by a senior member when I joined the English Speaking Society (ESS) of the university. I was to repeat the same lines at every occasion for a while after that. Memories. To my regret, I have forgotten the "blah, blah" part now. "I'm a beginner," oh yeah, good, so what? Someone, please think about some nice lines for new beginners.

I had learned "English for exams" until then, so, in a sense, that was the very first English that I had ever "spoken." Actually, I couldn't speak English for the first 7, 8 months, literally. I don't mean to say, however, the English I learned at high school was totally meaningless. It was largely because I had studied English at high school that I was able to acquire fairly good English communication skills in a short period of time in college.

I wonder, what would Kiyo the Freshman think about me, his twenty-something-year-after self?