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S-no Joke

I have an ambivalent feeling about snow. Snow is beautiful. It well produces a sweet atmosphere of winter. The scenery in the snow country is superb. I know how you like to see snow falling. Even a dog runs around in the garden with joy when it snows... uh, well, a Japanese song goes like this. But if you live in snow country, you have to "fight" with snow. You have to shovel away the snow piling up around your house. The lovely snow will change into a bitter enemy. It's no time to enjoy making a snowman; even if you do, the snow in the mid-winter around here is not wet enough to make one. If the town snowplow did a poor job and a heavy mass of snow was left piled up in front of your house, you would want to drag the driver out, and.... Ahem, also, snow creates natural skiing grounds and skating rinks here and there, causing a lot of accidents. Hey, don't tailgate me!

Now, I'd like you to read this joke posted by den4 which made me laugh a lot. It's hilarious, but, you know, it could happen to you. ;)


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Many years ago, when I was in college, I was forced to read The Snow Country, by Yasunari Kawabata. I say "Forced" to read, because it was one of the most aggravating books I have ever had to read!!!! Not that the story was bad, but the translator of the version I had read was simply BAD!!! I forgot who it was, but the idiot didn't even have the ability to distinguish the names in the story. So, for example, if a character's name was named Yukiko, the bloody translator would sometimes write the name as Yukiko, and then at other times he would write it as Snow-child. After a while, I just got lost on who he was talking about, because he did this with every character in the book. Perhaps I was just being stupid, but if a character's name is Haruko, why translate the name to Spring child? A name is a name...and doesn't need translating every single time....I got about half way through the book and ended up tossing it against the wall, refusing to read it thereafter.....I hate incompetent translators....

but having snow is better than a rainy winter.... :D