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Snow, but...

Heavy snowfall. The whole town was blanketed with snow overnight. I'm tired from shoveling away the snow around my house. You know, I hate winter in Hokkaido, though I couldn't survive the super coldness in Canada.

Well, it is often said that in English writing you should not begin a sentence with "But." I do it often because I don't see the point not to, and want to write, whether it's English or Japanese, like talking. But if you say it's not good, I'm all ready to listen. What do you think? And if you have some writing tips you keep in mind, please share them with me.

Seems like I'll be getting a terrible charley horse tomorrow.


You may have noticed that I start many-a-sentence with "But" or "And." It's just conversational writing, so, as I see it, a lot of the rules can be bent. That said, I still can't ignore dangling prepositions. And I'm a stickler for using who/whom and I/me where appropriate.

Casual writing is a valid form of communication. So just do whatever you want.

I agree with Jennifer. When you write as you speak, it makes whatever you have written so much easier to read. Also, just a tad more enjoyable.
I have worked in libraries all my working life (yeah, I'm old, I'm 30) and whilst in a public library, I was usually based in the children's or youth section. Novels based at teenagers were so much more enjoyable when they were written in this fashion.
I say if you like writing this way, then go ahead. I'll keep on reading your blog!

Canada isn't all about the "super-coldness." Where I live in Canada is a lot like Hokkaido, weather wise (I think). We do have our freaky cold days occasionally, but it is rather rare. For example, it's actually going to be above freezing for most of this week (except the next couple of days). Plus, we probably have maybe about 5cm of snow at the moment. I think you'd be able to survive just fine in the more Southern regions of Canada Kiyo. Come on over. Perhaps we can have beers in my igloo. I'm kidding about the igloo.

I was taught in elementary and junior high school how to begin sentences with "And, ..." and "But, ..." and in high school was taught that it was the incorrect way to begin a sentence. I suppose it's really just a matter of formality... you don't use "But, ..." when you're writing an essay, but, hey, everyday speech, who cares, everyone uses "And" and "But". And "you know". And "a lot". All the stuff you're "not supposed to use".

I go with the consensus on this "And-" and "But-" question. One of the beautiful things about English is its flow and ear sense. I'll even go out on a limb, here, and say that phrases and individual words are o.k. as sentences, provided they fit well with the context and don't *sound* like illiterate writing. Honestly.


Coordinating conjunctions, such as "but", link two elements of a sentence. In formal written English, it's odd to have "but" stand alone, coordinating with nothing. However, to convey an informal, conversational tone, blog-writing employs the tactics of dialog writing, using punctuation to indicate pauses and inflection. Think of your writing as poetry!

I agree absolutely with MN-W remark on "flow and ear sense". Even a superb writer like Winston Churchill, broke the rules of grammar when he thought it made a sentence sound funny. In making fun of one of the rules he said, "Ending a sentence with a preposition is something up with which I will not put."

Thanks, folks! I appreciate every piece of advice you have given me. :)

TheRich, too bad I cannot drink much. I'm such a boring guy. ;) If I were to have a chance to visit Canada, please make an igloo for me.

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