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Sure enough, I have a muscle ache in my arms from the snow shoveling yesterday, but it means I'm still young, eh? It also proves, you know, my lack of exercise. But who cares? I'm supposed to do a lot of exercise during winter, whether I like it or not.

Thanks for all the comments regarding my "But" entry. I'm now encouraged to stick to my own writing style. I know, however, I have to be careful not to make my sentence sound like something "up with which you can't put." ;) Now I hope I'll ever be able to establish my own style of "Japanese English" through this blog.

Ever since I started writing on the Net, I've found it interesting that every one of you has your own "face" in spite of the fact that we communicate with each other only via written words. It may not always represent your real self, to be sure, but I often feel like I can recognize you as if we were talking face to face.

By the way, does the "every one of you has your" part sound strange? Teach me English. ;)


I used to frequent a text based chat. Sometimes people changed names, or came in with no name at all. The strange thing is that I could often recognise my friends (and visa versa) just by the style of typing. The punctuation, slang, smilies, and general choice of words all combine to give an obvious personality to freely written text.

I think it should be 'each' instead of 'every'. Use 'every' when you are grouping things together ("Every house in that street is so big!"), and 'each' when you want to pick out individuals ("Each house in that street has a different door"). At least I think that's right, but I'm no English teacher.

Back to your original phrase (with 'each' instead):
"that each one of you has your own 'face'"

I might rephrase it as:
"that you each have your own 'face'"

To me, the second seems more fluid. I think it's the 'one' part, you don't need it with 'each' (unless you want to strongly emphasis the individuality -like a person making a speech to a large crowd may say "I respect each one of you". Actually, they'd probably say "I respect each and every one of you" -double emphasis!). So, back to the plot, you might use either:
"that each of you has your own 'face'"
"that you each have your own 'face'"

Perhaps it's having to make lots of choices like these that gives each person such an individual style of writing.

Erm, I've no idea if this is of any help at all... it all makes sense in my head, honest!

Wow, thanks for the wonderful explanation, P! It's really helpful! So, I'll say "that you each have your own 'face'". :)