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Happy New Year!

Best wishes for the Year of the Sheep. Sheep


That's cute! It was a nice year in 2002 being able to blog with you. And hopefully we will be able to have a better blogging year.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Kiyo! We'll soon be reaching our one year blogging anniversary, you and I. Hope 2003 is a wonderful year for you.


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year! May you and your family have a wonderful year!
I am wondering if this is one of the typical flower display for New Year in Japan. The combination looks elegant and neat. :)

Happy New Year, Kiyo! Beautiful flower arrangement.

a fresh start:
the snow's disappeared
with the year


Thanks, Ken Loo, Jennifer, Jason, SQ, and MNW! In the Japanese culture, New Year's greetings sound special. So I appreciate your messages.

The image is called "kadomatsu", kado is "gate", and matsu "pine tree", a typical New Year's display placed at the gates. I don't have ones at my home though. They are rarely seen in snowy Hokkaido.

akemashite omedetou gozaimasu.

I'm looking forward to another interesting year in our correspondence. No pressure, eh?!?

M, omedeto! Getting to know you was one of the great things I had last year. I hope we'll have another exciting year. Pressure? Well, too much. (joking)