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The tune was sticking in my head all day yesterday. So I downloaded the song "Asereje" and am playing it now. The melody's mixed humorously with the Spiderman's dancing. It's damn fun and funky. Yes, I've searched the group called "Las Ketchup" too. Why "ketchup"? OK, it's much better than "Mayonnaise" anyway. "Asereje" seems to be a fairly new song. Oh, but I feel it has an atmosphere of disco music of 70's. They rule!

By the way, what does "asereje" mean? I tried some online Spanish-English dictionaries but found no match with the word. In Japanese, "ase" sounds like "sweat," and "je" "fart." Hahaha. "A-SE-RE-HE" rules!

Meanwhile, it seems like zanshin is back from a long sleep. Welcome back, Paburo! OK, today is a Spanish day. Yeah.


well, i was first surprised at such a weird name too... 'las ketchup'.
The thing is, the 3 girls are daughters of a sort of famous flamenco singer nicknamed 'tomato'.
so go figure, the ketchup is made of tomato hahaha.

asereje doesn't mean anything, it's a mispronuntiation of 'i say the hip' or something like that.

Isn't that the group that is very popular internationally but is relatively unknown in the US? I love how the US has such selective tastes, mostly from the limited play international things get played on US airwaves... :o

I think I saw a poster at Tower Records, but if I hadn't heard about them on the NPR station, I would never have heard of them...period.... :o


I sent a link to this Spidermand to a couple people at work. After that, I had them walk past my desk, either humming the tunes, or pulling faces at me and pretending to dance like Spidey!

That's too funny, Paburo. Now I like the group even better!

den4, that's why only "sukiyaki" made a great hit in the US? ;)

Rae, it would be a good theme song for your workplace. Haha!

Ewan ko sa inyo! - that's what asereje means. O ngayon alam nyo na?!

email me the link to the dancing spiderman to asereje.. thanks.

Irma, seems like the link has been changed or disappeared. I have no clue now, sorry.

spiderman jumbo


asereje means "retard"

asereje means 'retard'