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Before and After

Hey, I have to say uncle.

I asked 7th graders during class yesterday if they happened to know "Asereje." To my surprise and, well, dismay, most of them knew it. They even knew that "Asereje" was so named because a part of the lyrics of an English song sounded like "Asereje" to the sisters' ears, and so the title itself has no special meaning in Spanish. Well, I should have asked my students first.

A little shocked, I asked my wife about the song just in case. Sure enough, she knew about it as well, saying she saw them on a Japanese TV program last year. Last year? They came to Japan last year! Wow.... I should've asked my wife first.

Seems like only I was behind time.

Well, changing the subject, bcj. has started a very interesting project on his site. I've already submitted mine. Check it out!


Hey, thanks for the link, Kiyo. So far yours is the only submission besides mine. Good going!

Hope it will be a long-term project, bcj. People will come up with interesting pics on occasions. :)