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Blogging languages

Ben and Mena, the creators of Movable Type, came to Japan and Tokyo bloggers got together for the meet-up last Friday. Well, I wish I could have attended the gathering to say thank you to the great couple for the great web publishing system. Geographically, living in a rural town in Hokkaido is kind of like living in a foreign country.

I'm amazed to know there were about 40 bloggers gathering around. I don't know the proportion of nationalities, but it seems there are a lot more Japan-based bloggers than I've imagined.

And it's a welcoming trend that the number of Japanese bloggers who blog in Japanese has dramatically been on the rise since around last summer. As I got into the English blogging world initially, encounters with those Japanese blogs have brought a kind of strange yet fresh sense to me. Besides, there sure are a number of interesting blogs that make me want to visit regularly.

Blogging in Japanese - sounds nice, doesn't it? Though I've been blogging in English and enjoying it, I think blogging in Japanese is not bad too. But, interestingly, I personally feel more comfortable with blogging in English than in Japanese, my mother tongue. It's not, of course, that I'm that proficient in writing English; English is first and foremost a "foreign" language to me. The thing is, there are certain things or ideas that I can write comfortably in English, while not in Japanese. And vice versa. That may come from the structural and cultural differences between the two languages. The way you write could be different on some level in using a completely different language. In a sense, I get a kick out of it.

In his Japanese blog, Ken Loo writes that he's been wondering why there are some ideas or feelings that he can't express well in Japanese while he can in English. And so, he says, he's been blogging in English too. I know how he feels and agree. Both are foreign languages to him, and I admire him for his amazing language skills. Hope he will find the answer some day.


Thanks! Hopefully I'll have the answer soon.