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I got a haircut last Friday. After that, I said jokingly to my wife, "My head feels cold with my hair shorter, I feel like I'm getting a cold. Haha!" Yes, I WAS getting a cold. In the evening, I felt a little chilly. After the day's work, I had terrible chills that I'd never had for years. I had no choice but to admit I'd caught a cold, a very bad one. I told my wife so, and she prepared futon for me. Being in bed with a cold - I don't remember when I experienced it last. Well, maybe that was 17, 18 years ago. I felt a little better the next day, but spent the whole Saturday in bed. My wife took good care of me. And on Sunday, I was out of bed, feeling much better. We were going to see "The Bourne Identity" on the day, but canceled it. Hey, has anyone seen it?

So, I was offline for two days. Anything new? Hah! I think I was lucky to have a cold on weekend; I had a good rest. Be careful not to catch a cold, folks. ;)


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I've been feeling rather poor the past couple of days myself. I'm blaming it on the weather for the time being, as it's been very cold and dreary for several days now.

Oh, and as far as action movies go, The Bourne Identity is pretty good.

Isn't there a Japanese saying to the effect that to get rid of a cold you have to pass it to someone else?

I saw the Bourne Identity twice last year. It has a sort of 1960s spy movie feel to it. Lot's of fun, if you don't think too hard about the plot. Matt Damon is certainly turning into an adult quite nicely.

it's like a james bond movie, only less flashy.

aah, matt damon doesn't know jujutsu in real life, special effects i guess.

Hmmm...The Bourne Identity sounds like a good movie. Maybe I'll wait for another chance.

Oh, and I missed a chance this time, M. ;)

saw Bourne Identity on the plane trip to Japan during the New Year's, just before I caught the nasty flu going around currently in good ol' Nippon....back in the States now, and feeling much better, thank you.....I think I'll pass on going back to Japan during flu season... :p

Re: Bourne Identity, it's an OK movie.....I'm sure the small screen on the plane, and the editing for family viewing cut out some scenes, not to mention the deletion of curse words, but I do know Matt cannot move that fast, since it doesn't look natural, so it's nice to see that SFX still rules in Hollywood.... :D

Also saw Insomnia on the plane.....much better movie, and Robin Williams plays such an excellent low-key bad guy.....Al Pacino is excellent, too, as the insomniac cop....covering up a scandal....

Yeah, den4, we're planning to see Insomnia this weekend. :)

Oops, I was mistaken. What we're going to see is Robin Williams' "One Hour Photo", whose Japanese title is "Stalker".

I loved The Bourne Identity!!

Fran, we will see it tomorrow!