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Depressing News

I was thinking of posting this last weekend. A Japanese guy wrote graffiti on a Moai statue. Unbelievable. His name should be exposed. I think the deed merits heavy punishment.

Dorky Japanese tourists and unprincipled Japanese media are messing things up around the world. It's nothing but a shame.


Most of the Japanese tourists I ran into in Hawaii about a month ago were extremely polite. I almost knocked a young Japanese girl down in a convenience store (my fault, really...wasn't paying attention), and while she looked horrified for a split second, everything changed after I inadvertently uttered "Gomen". An odd exchange of English and Japanese followed, and we both went on our way smiling.

I also ended up taking a ridiculous number of photographs for Japanese couples, made even more interesting by their insistence to return the favor no matter what, sometimes topped off by them taking a photo of me for their own records as well. Somewhere in Japan right now, a family is huddled around a kotatsu, looking at photos of me standing in front of Diamond Head.

It's always good to hear this kind of stories. Thanks, Jeff. Photos play such an important role for Japanese tourists. ;)

rude behavior is relative. No country has a monopoly on such behavior. You will find some stupid jerk no matter which country you go to....tis part of human nature...
However, I will say the Japanese tourists do have a split personality when it comes to their behavior in other countries...they demand and expect their tour guide to do everything for them, sometimes even think for them if the tourists cannot, and the typical tourist is afraid to speak out in English to anybody that is not in their group, fearing to make a mistake.
This is slowly changing, but it is still commonplace.
With regards to many home-stay situations, I think the people coming to the US (regardless of the country) are of mixed results...I've seen some youths with excellent manners, and I've seen those that are spoiled regardless of their nationality....another human condition, I guess... :D
There are misfits in any country.... :o

you can't expect 130 million people in a country to be all angelic and good.

of course all country has scorn.

still, japanese are very respectful and polite in general, so don't sweat it kiyo.

Thanks, den4 and Paburo. I was fed up with Japanese tourists' childish behaviors like doing graffiti on artifacts or stepping into off-limits area. Yeah, you're right. I may be a little tired from the cold. ;)

One thing to note is that if the media didn't focus and sensationalize the idiots doing idiotic things, then there would be far less emphasis in doing such things....idiots that do such things want attention.....when they can't get it, they will do something else....in the long run, hopefully they will find some way to join some activity that will award them with being a candidate of the Darwin Awards, and take them out of the gene pool.... :D