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Driving in Winter

I went shopping in Kitami with my wife yesterday. We often enjoy this short drive there, at the distance of about 100km (62 miles) from our town, on weekends.

In winter, the drive will be a thrilling one.

And it was rock 'n' roll yesterday. Imagine driving on a skating rink, and that on a bumpy one. In a TV commercial of studless tires, they say it's not ice itself but water on it that makes your car slide. I'm no good at physics (Is it a physics thing anyway?), but I get it from my experience. It is said that when the air temperature is around -4 to 0 C, snowy roads will be most slippery. If so, roads in Hokkaido in winter are generally pretty dangerous. And I can agree it's much safer in super cold regions.

Even in such conditions, there always appear some morons that seem to believe they are always safe whatever they do, regardless of the troubles they will possibly give to other drivers. Yeah, there are a lot of reckless drivers in Hokkaido. No wonder this prefecture keeps the highest number of yearly traffic deaths in Japan. That sucks, really. Me? Well, I'm talking about other drivers. *cough*

So anyway we enjoyed a safe drive home yesterday.


And what did you buy? Such a guy you are and talking about the driving rather then the shopping! ;)

Testify! I drive a 160km round trip to work everyday. Snow does a strange thing to drivers. It either makes them ultra-paranoid, or adds a certain feeling industructabitity. This makes for a really bad combination as you'll have a cars going really slow, and then you have the cars weaving around these slower cars. And naturally, this is when the accidents usually occur. Heaven knows I've seen enough of them in my lifetime. I've also been in one of them. Luckily I didn't hit anybody, I just ended up in a ditch. The moral of this story is that snow driving is just a horrible, horrible thing.

Here is an interesting read why ice is slick.


Enjoy :-)

I must say it may not snow in Melbourne, but the rainy days bring out our idiot drivers. I agree with you Kiyo - bad weather certainly brings out the bad drivers!

We bought an electric shaver (for myself of course), books and foods, Leann. ;)

Yeah, driving on the snow is a horrible job. Oh yeah, driving in the rain too. And with such idiots it will become much more horrible. Like a video game...

Thanks tatroyer. I've learned a thing. :)