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Ears Playing Tricks

Yeah, I've been enjoying "Asereje." Funny thing is, in some part of the lyrics, the words sound like "sutakora sassa" to my ears. "Sutakora sassa" is a funny way of expressing "scurrying away" in Japanese. "Asereje" rocks!

Have you ever found it funny that certain foreign words or phrases sound as if they were the ones in your language?

When I was a kid, I thought the words of "Oh When the Saint" sounded like "Oh, en da sen, go machi ni." Well, "en" is "circle", "da" "to be", "sen" "a thousand", and "machi ni" "to town". So I was amused to imagine that the song was going like, "Oh, they are circles! A thousand! Go to town!"

I've heard somewhere before that the late Emperor Showa had a habit of saying "Aa sou," meaning like "Ah, is that so?" or "Ah, I see." And it sounded just as "Ah so!" So, his foreign visitors or hosts understood so. Oh, is that so?



Must be. If an American wants to sound "Japanese", he almost always says "Ah, so..." while trying to appear thoughtful and zen-like. I think the saying must have been popularized by cartoons in the 1950s. I never realized it was an eccentricy of the late Emperor's speech. I just thought it an interpretation of (or as Ken Loo might say, the American rendition of) "sou desu ka".

Wow, I even didn't know Japanese can be shown on this CGI. Yes, antelopeater, it can sound cold depending on the way you say it. In many cases, it's "A, so!" I don't think the person meant so. ;)

LOL, M. Though the "Aa, sou" he used to utter was Japanese, I'm curious to know if the Emperor was proficient in English.

LOL! I can't stop laughing! Go to town! --MNW