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We use two-byte characters to write Japanese on computers, so Japanese emoticons have evolved on that basis. There are a lot of patterns of Japanese emoticons, and den4 has found an interesting website that features them.

When I started using the Net, I thought emoticons were the last things I would use, because I had the impression that they were simply Net geeks' stuff. I was wrong. Once I happened to use them, I couldn't stop.

Emoticons are a convenient tool to show your feelings properly. And especially in Japanese, where in many instances how you say speaks louder than what you say, they work pretty well.

I felt funny when I first saw the English version of emoticons. I mean, you have to tilt your head to see the face. ;) I'm all used to it now, though. :)


Those emoticons are pretty intense. I might start using some of them if I can remember all the combinations.

\ (^o^) /

I've waited a long time to find a collection of Japanese Smileys this good. Japanese smileys say so much more than American smileys. Thanks, and thanks for the link too.


I'm glad you guys like them.

emoticons are funny.....

Remember, Kiyo-san, that I know nothing.... :D
Shouldn't give me credit for something I don't know... :D

den4 :O

Hm? It was you who posted the link in the forum, den4. :o

Isn't it amazing that those that put in the links still know nothing? The paradox may be one reason for the downed economy.... :D
den4 :D

good to hear you liked the site..... :D