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First Work

Most people get the first three days off for New Year's in Japan. That means, as a general thing, work in the new year starts today. But since it's Saturday, the real start will be on the 6th. I bet it will be a grand Blue Monday in Japan, especially after the lazy New Year's vacation.

It looks like my first work of the year will be snow shoveling. It's been a very cold winter so far; colder than the average year by 5-6 degrees centigrade. Although it hasn't snowed very much, the snow has piled up without melting away a bit because of the low temperature.

But...it's pretty warm today. The temperature may be around 2 C (36.6 F). Yeah, that's all right with me. I like warmer weather, you know. But again...it's snowing. It's likely to be a heavy snowfall. Come on! Warmer temperature and snow -- What do you think this sweet combination will make? Wet snow, I mean, SUPER HEAVY SNOW! Aargh!

If this site isn't updated tomorrow, please worry about my safety.


wow, i chanced upon your site via Globe of Blogs. i had been thinking of joining the JET scheme, so i can teach english in japan for about a year, after graduating from uni this summer ( IF i can ! ). hahaha .. ah well .. i enjoyed my stay here. hope to see more posts coming.

Thanks for visiting my site, teacup. Hope you'll be able to graduate and join the JET program. :)

One thing I like to do, when shoveling snow, is to behave as much as possible like a snow plow; that is, push, more than lift. This approach has made a much easier job of it. But, too, my dream has been to have a snowblower, but I can't afford it. But without such help, slow and easy, Kiyo. No one ever heard of a snow shoveling race.


Slow and easy - I'll keep it in mind, MNW. But the amount of snow is overwhelming. ;)