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I installed Opera just for fun. I'm not sure what's really good about the browser, but if it's worth using, I don't mind changing to it. I'm not so particular about browsers, though.

I hear it can't display pages well depending on the site (even though it's probably due to IE issues), so I checked my fellow bloggers' sites with it. Seems like, among other sites, the following four sites have a little problems with the browser.

NipponDAZE looks like this. Each link is surrounded with the white background. I don't know why, M.

Nowhere seems to be all right. But the font of the Time-Link-Comments part is big. I don't think it's what Jeff means to do.

RUHome's credit part also looks bigger than the other parts. What do you think, TheRich?

Oh dear, tatroyer, I bet you don't like Opera, right? ;)

So, my conclusion for now is that I'll use Opera just for fun. ;)


I love Opera. I switched from netscape and have never found IE to be any good.

Your right. Most pages that have problems with Opera are not coded to standards, but are written for IE. This is changing and with Apple dumping IE for Safari and Mozilla improving all the time these problems should get better.

I assume you are using version 6.05? 7 is in Beta and 7.2 has a really buggy GUI but the engine is very fast and sound.

Once you get used to using Opera you will love it. Mouse gestures are great. It's so easy to turn javescript/images etc on and off. I love just highlighting test and using the right button to copy and paste etc

http://www.tntluoma.com/opera/lover/prelude/ is well worth a read if you are just starting out with Opera.

Thanks for the screenshot. It looks even worse in Opera for the Mac. At least yours is displaying the banner font for "nipponDAZE" correctly. And the photo in the left column is sized correctly. Not so in my version.

I'll double-check the links, though. It should have a transparent background...but maybe I specified white by mistake.

The site you mentioned is great, Tancred. Thanks. Yes, I'm using version 6.05, and the Japanese one. Does the English version show Japanese pages well?

M, you have corrected the codes! Your site looks perfect now.

The problem with the Time-Link-Comments font size also occurs in Safari. I've spent a lot of time looking through my code, trying to find the cause of the problem, but haven't had any luck. I'm inclined to think it's a bug in the way those particular browsers render CSS.

when i use it i keep getting an i/o error anyone know why

I installed Opera too but I use Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox is a better choice for me and this web browser is free.

Go with Firefox. Love the tabbed browsing feature