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Opera 2

Oops, I forgot to check my site in the last post.

Opera shows my site like this. No problem, it seems. Wait! There is a BIG problem! Look at the bottom of the browser. The horizontal scroll bar appears there. Oh.... I do hate it, but why? I have to see.

Also, the cute mouse is trapped at the end of the column. "Marquee" isn't compatible with Web Standards, and so Opera doesn't support it. All right. I don't complain. Poor thing, Nezumi Kozo, but just wait there until I find out some good way to save you, if ever there is one.

Thanks to the great website Tancred advised me to visit in his comment, I'm getting the clear picture of the software. Opera is attractive, I should say. I'm not so interested in its "small and fast" feature, one of its selling points, because I don't have any stress in using IE6 now, and neither am I that excited about mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts - I'm an analog guy. But Opera provides a lot of useful features that are easy to use and customize, and its security and privacy features are hard to ignore.

Hmmm...seems like I have found another thing about which I want to learn for a while.


err, I use Opera, maybe you should include a picture of what it looks like in whatever browser you prefer to use.

I like Opera, because its quick, it renders nicely, it has tabbed browsing instead of new windows. Its so much faster than IE, and Netscape hasn't really kept up, and Mozilla uses seperate windows.

Security-wise IE is terrible, and its good that web-designers can see people use different browsers so they code to standards instead of "IE does x"

The "F12" wonders, the down-right mouse gesture (the only gesture I've learned and found useful), cache efficiency, personal data, and yes, its high security consciousness. I've found the software worth using. The only problem is there are, and will be for an uncertain period, a lot of websites specially tuned for IE. And mine has been so too. I'll see if it's worth $40 - I hate the ad. Thanks for the nice feedback, evelyn.

I like one of the Opera feature which allows me to keep all the windows (presumably all the sites that i visit very often) when I relaunch Opera again the next time. Also, IE doesn't show the download speed but Opera does. :)

Oh, you're using Opera too, SQ. :) I've got the impression that Opera will offer what the users want it to offer to them.