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Opera & Spiderman

I've just installed Opera 7 Beta 2, and it's damn cool! The "Wand" feature, which enables you to log in to password sites automatically, works much smarter than IE's. And the pop-up blocking feature now offers an "Open requested pop-up windows only" preference, so you won't have any trouble opening comment windows widely used on blog sites.

I hear Opera has some CSS displaying problems. But it seems the Version 7 has improved a lot in this respect as well. My site looks all right on the latest version! And tatroyer's site looks, uh, much better. ;)

For those who are tired of reading Opera stories:

Here, Spiderman is dancing. The music's good, too. What language is it by the way?

(Via 100SHIKI)


That was one of the funniest things I've seen in a little while!! For the record, the song was in Spanish. It made me long for my trip to Mexico a few months ago.

Although this has nothing to do with the current topic, I would like to make a public retraction about Canada not being a place of perpetually cold winters. This month has been horrible for being cold with the average daytime temperatures being somewhere around -10C (or 14F). But I digress. Spidey dancing is funny.

That's all I have to say.

It's almost the same here too. The lowest temperature was -24 C two days ago. It's been a terribly cold winter. I feel like Spider dancing on a cold day like today.

Funny, I'm a Canadian, but for some reason the cold here in Shikoku seems to really bite; I guess I just notice it more here. I honestly can't say that I was really bothered by Canadian weather. (That being said, I am from Vancouver)

it's a spanish song from a trio of girls from spain called 'ketchup'.

if you want to download the song, it's called 'asereje'.

cold season sucks!

I know what you mean, Jeremy. My wife's from Nagoya, but says she doesn't want to spend a winter there any more. I think heating is a big factor. At least it's "hot" indoors in Hokkaido in winter.

Paburo, thanks for the nice info! Yeah, cold season sucks!