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Gee, it's January 3rd already. Time really rockets past. So, my New Year's Resolution is --- to blog every day all through the year. Hey, that sounds cool, doesn't it? I achieved a perfect month last year. So why not...hm? Wow, I missed posting yesterday! Haha. That's the way my Resolutions will go. Well, actually I have never made New Year's Resolutions. Don't ask me why. Anyway, I want to keep up blogging this year too. But since I tend to get tired of things easily, it's possible I'll give up blogging all of a sudden. Stay tuned to see if it's really the case with this blog. ;)

Well, joking aside, I'd like to reflect on and improve my teaching skills this year. Although I've been teaching English for about 19 years, I've never been satisfied with the way I teach. You know, learning is one thing, but teaching is totally another. Yeah, I'm working.


The only resolution I've ever been able to keep is the resolution not to make resolutions. It's worked quite well for me.

Thanks for the first good laugh of the year, TheRich. It seems to work very well for me too. ;)

just got back home from japan yesterday....Jan 15th 2003.....dunno what resolution to make for this year, but one thing is not to catch another flu!!! came down with one during the 2 week trip, and it was not fun!!! :(
well back to work testing hardware/software in the mushroom forest... :D

den4 :o

at least the food was great in japan! :D

Welcome back, den4. :) You've been to Japan for holidays? Anyway, get well!