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Snow Blues?

Happy New Work Day, eh? It's a White Monday.

Japan's new year began with heavy snows. I'm surprised to hear it even snowed 8 cm (3.1 inches) in Kagoshima. Oh yeah, I'm all right. Even though the poor-skilled town snowplow guy left heavy masses of snow along the road in front of my house, I managed to clear them away, well, to some extent. I was so energetic on that day that I felt like doing push-ups after the snow shoveling. (No, no)

Yesterday, I spent the whole day struggling with my wife's PC that had been cranky for the past couple of days. In the end, I overwrote the Windows half in desperation and resignation, and, to my surprise, it came to work all right. All's well that ends well, anyway.

So my blog gets back to normal from today, hopefully.


Here in Boston, we have had relentless snow. Not a lot, but an inch here, an inch there, day after day. It is becoming a battle between 'man' and nature, and I have to say that nature appears to be winning.

Earlier in the season, everyone was enthusiastically going out to shovel the sidewalks after every storm. But at this point, the snow is so frequent that as soon as we clear out from one storm, there's another. Plus, if we're even a little late shoveling, the foot traffic packs the fluffy snow into an inpenetrable, icy mass that defies all efforts to remove it.

Hey Beth, Kiyo,

As long as we're talking weather, I have to say I'm quite pleased to have weather again. Even though I guess in Tokyo we don't have the amount of snow you guys have up in Hokkaido or that we had in Boston.

Beth, I went to law school there. God, I remember my final year how bitter I was and every day I'd slip and slide to class saying "6 more months, and I'll be back in California."

But after a year in San Francisco, I truly missed weather. It's a constant 60 degrees in S.F. so it's always a bit chilly. Never enough to warm your bones or cold enough to bite at your skin.

I dunno - I understand that see-saw, a few months ago people suffering from the heat/humidity, wishing it were cooler. Now, not believing that it actually was warm not so long ago.

But for now I will enjoy having weather. The reddish feeling in your cheeks from the cold. I suppose maybe after a few years I'll be sick of it again, but I always seem to move right when I get tired of the weather...


With heavy snows in Japan and England, I feel guilty in reporting that in Austin, Texas today, the high is forecast for 80F (26C). We've had two weeks of perfect weather, sunny, clear, and warm enough to work in the garden in short sleeves (perfect for my mother-in-law who was visiting from Manchester UK). The roses are all in bloom and we haven't had a freeze yet this year (which is unusual, even for us).

Don't be too envious, though. Here, January might be 80F one day, but 20F the next--giving the non-dormant plants no chance of survival. And when you guys are enjoying summer, I'll be suffering under 110F heat and cursing the day I ever moved to Texas.