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Here are the very first photos I've displayed on my blog. They are my parents' dogs. My brother took the pics during the New Year's holidays. Cute, aren't they?

This is Miyuki. We call her "Mii-chan".
Akane (left) and Aobe.

Pochi. 14 years old. He's aged and become a little weak in the legs. Hey, cheer up, Pochi!


They are soooo cute!

Adorable! I like the second shot, with the dogs out in the snow. What kind of dogs are they?

Actually, we don't know what kind they are. The three dogs in the first two photos are siblings. They were abandoned dogs, left behind by someone near my parents' house around the New Year's last year.

Cute dogs!

Oh thanks, David. They were very friendly from the beginning. :)

ganbareeeee pochi

Hey, Paburo, how have you been?!