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Learning a foreign language is a hard job, especially when you study it in your country. In Japan, English is the language that people want to learn the most. Go to a bookstore, and you will find a great number of "English conversation" related books. Local English schools are crowded with people of all ages who want to master "English conversation." The fact is, very few of them will actually get somewhere. After all, English is a kind of fashion here. Whatever sounds like English sounds cool. And there seems to be a misguided belief that "English conversation" is something easy to learn.

You know, if I say some of trustworthy English schools, that would be Eri's, Tim's, and, uh, mine. Ha ha!

I think the time is sure to come when you have a "eureka" moment of the language as long as you keep studying in a proper way. M of NipponDAZE was timely enough to share her experience in her entry, saying "All of a sudden I can hear things and think things in Japanese." I'd like to say "Congratulations!" to her, because she's obviously gone over a crucial stage in learning Japanese. A real breakthrough. Yes, it comes all of a sudden. I still remember the moment when I suddenly got to be able to speak English as a college student.

That's a real joy of learning a foreign language.


Ha, same case in China : learning English is really popular here, and every Chinese student is requireed to learn English from elementary school to college . But the schools pay more attention to written English like grammar, vocabulary ... Few people can speak good English.

Over the last couple of years I have made several starts at learning Japanese and have had several "eureka" moments.
One was watching some anime and realizing I could read the hiragana, well at least I knew what sounds they were, I usually did not know the word :(

That's very interesting, leylop. It's great to be able to communicate with each other through a common language.

Tancred, I'm good at hiragana, though not necessarily kanji. ;)