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I've been playing around with web browsers at the cost of blog entries. (^^; (cold sweat)

It all started when I installed Opera on a whim. I was amazed at the many useful features that it offers. Meanwhile, I came to know there are a bunch of excellent freeware browsers on the Net. Sleipnir was one of them. It's a Japanese program that uses IE rendering engine. It's as functional as Opera and fully customizable. (If you are interested, download the English beta version here. It won't mess around your WinOS Registry.) By using it for some time, I got used to tab-based browsing and mouse gestures, which I wasn't so interested in at first, and found them very useful. And Avant Browser also caught my attention. My first impression was it's much simpler than Sleipnir, but the interface is sophisticated and its pop-up blocking function is way better than Sleipnir's, which has to be trained from the scratch. But every browser has something to be desired, I should say.

Browsing through their support forums, I've come across cool free/shareware Net utility programs. They are really great. The trouble is, they are specifically tuned for Internet Explore. Roboform and ieSpell work with other IE-based browsers, but can't be integrated into their tool bars. Free Surfer and some settings of Ad-watch, which comes with Ad-aware Plus, can't. Seems like only Word Spring works in any program. After all, IE is a necessary evil.

So, for now? With the help of Nemubar (Jp), a Japanese freeware program which displays a search window in the tool bar, and supports site update checking and mouse gestures, and a couple of other IE-friendly programs, my IE has evolved into a multi-functional browser. I hear IE's next version will support tabbed browsing. Wait for it?

Well, I enjoy the process.



I've tried a few browsers in my time as well, but as you say IE is a necessary evil; and while those other browsers all have excellent features which make IE look antiquated, I was forced to accept that if I wanted to continue to enjoy some of my favourite sites I would have to keep IE.

So thank you for pointing me towards Avant. As it's based on IE I can finally enjoy some of the goodies found on browsers like Opera, and still get good page rendition.

After a quick play I've found some quirks! but they are very easily lived with. I'll continue to experiment, but it looks like this is my new interface.


Konnichiwa, Peter-san.

I'm glad my post has been of some use to you. Yeah, Avant is a great browser. I'm using it as frequently as IE now.