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Have you checked Jason's entry of February 1? If not, I recommend you do. It's a hilarious story of a Mr. Squirrel's ordering pizza. Jason gave so good a picture of the event that I read it through with excitement like watching an episode of a movie. It's the best blog entry I've recently read in the blogsphere.

In the give-and-take with the delivery guy on the phone, Jason realizes he's using overly polite Japanese. The Japanese language has various levels of speech that determine politeness, and you have to decide the way you talk to a person, as quick as a wink, sizing up your situational positions, ages and states of mind. Proper use of honorifics is the name of the game in communication here, which can be troublesome not only for learners of Japanese but for native speakers as well. And I rather like its subtlety. I usually try to use polite Japanese to whomever I don't know well. Being overly polite is better than being rude. I despise a guy who can use rude words when he is in the position of a customer or something like that.

By the way, I'm very curious to know what the hell Chris the "squirrel" said to Domino's Pizza to order pizza on the phone.


In all honesty, I'm grateful I wasn't born Japanese. I have enough trouble even with Spanish, which has two forms of the word 'you': the familiar and the formal. In my occasional, clumsy attempts to speak Spanish, I always use the formal, just to be safe, even when the person I'm speaking with tries to drop me hints by using the familiar 'you'. (I also have trouble remembering my verb conjugations, so it's easier to stick with one pronoun whenever possible.)

in spanish using 'Usted(anata)' with friends and relatives is sort of rude Beth... use T�(kimi) instead.

i know this is offtopic already Kiyo, but check it out.

las ketchup vs soltomatina


furi furi?

Getting used to it, it's fun, um, kind of, Beth. ;)

Furi furi? Haha! I'd rather see the original group. ;)