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TheRich wrote in his comment that Google has purchased Blogger. I started out blogging with Blogger, so I want to follow how things will turn out to be. Hope it will be good news in the blogsphere.

Blogging has gotten much popularity for the last year or two. When I first saw blog sites, I felt something was weird. It was not blogging itself, but their comment systems. A typical blog site provides a comment link at the end of each entry. That looked rather messy to me at first. Until then, I had taken it for granted that emailing, or posting on guestbooks or message forums was the way to have contact with website owners. So, even after I actually started blogging myself, it didn't occur to me that I would place a comment system on my blog - for the first month. Things changed drastically when I decided to use Movable Type. The program had a comment system as a default feature. I kept it as it was just for fun. Just for fun because for one thing, I didn't think someone would post a comment on my blog, nor could I imagine my site would have a number of visitors. How could you find my blog? I was wrong. The blogging world was fantastic. I enjoyed blog hopping mainly through the homepages of Movable Type and Blogger, and I dropped by some nice sites that made me want to post a comment. If memory serves me correctly, in those days (wow, it's only last year), our friendship began when I posted a comment on the blogs by Jennifer, bcj., and tatroyer. To my joy, they were kind enough to respond to my comments favorably. I can't describe how encouraging that was for me to keep up blogging.

What I had in mind when I started this blog was "toriaezu," or "for the time being." After a year, blogging has become one of the big things I am into. Life is fun. And that I think is thanks to the comment systems.

Kurt, one of my favorite bloggers, told me that he happened to find my link on Mike Whybark's entry, and came here. Interesting.

So, folks, could you tell me how you found my blog? Just for the record, yeah.


It looks like you found me. :-)
I went back to the archives to see how it all happened.

Saturday, June 15, 2002
Friday, June 14, 2002

You left a message about the US soccer team making it into the second round, and the rest was history. :-)

I think, but am not sure, that you responded to a post I made in March or April about a calculated prediction of incoming vistors from Japan based on the Movable Type recently updated list and my habit of a pre-bedtime update (Seattle being my place of most frequent sleeping activity).

I found your blog through Site Meter's Referring URL, the interesting thing is my blog is not linked here, have no idea how Site Meter tracks down your site.
Glad I found your site, there're too many blogs on the Internet, it's not easy to find or be found. Blog world is like a circle, the people I used to know are all in the same circle, coming accross your blog opens up another circle for me,it's really great.

i think through yuki's site. but i'm not sure at all.

If I remember correctly, Kurt mentioned your site and I went to look at it. Around the same time (July/August), or shortly thereafter, you were discussing toilets and expressions for what to say to a man when his fly was open. I knew that I had found a kindred spirit.

I often wish that I had known someone like you when I lived in Japan. Someone who could speak English well enough to explain things Japanese. And someone who likes language and words and is curious about different ways of expressing the same idea. But, better late than never. I'm glad I know you now.

You found me first.

You found me. Seems to be a trend. If I recall correctly, you posted a reference to my hair history. Ah yes, here it is.

Ok, your comments at my HTML links...here they are:

Hair History:

Your original post linking to my site:

Hey, Kiyo! It's been a while. The ever first comment I made in the blogsphere community was at M Sinclair Stevens's "hajimemasho." There was where I found you. Before that, it took me quite some time to make my first move. I was nervous to be a blogging citizen. It needed a totally different mentality to be in this world for me at that time. And without blogging myself (having a site to blog), makes me feel like I don't have a passport in this blogsphere. You were kind, encouraging Eri-san to keep up writing (I read those conversation at Eri-san and your Japanese BBS), and always correcting M's Japanese, etc. I said, hey this "ojisan" is good in English, and the way he writes in English is so unique. And of course I still recall clearly when a few of us including you and me upgraded MT to 2.5, we were trying to ping each other with trackback feature, to find out what the hell was that. Oh, it was such an experience.

I didn't recall all the "hardwork" that was such a big jump until I was trying to explain to my Japanese colleagues "What is all about blogging" recently. It took me so long to explain to them. The worst thing was, the idea was too weird that they all looked at me as if I am an alien! (Yes, I know I am one in Japan though. :)) Kurt's post was an help and I've been xeroxing the Yomiuri's article about Blog dated 18 Feb, evening print.

It's been only 4 months I started to blog, but like a little boy, one wonder if the friends I mix around were those telling me using "4 letters" is the standard in English blogsphere, I can't imagine what kind of blogger I would be.

Hey Kiyo!

Congrats on the year anniversary! I don't recall exactly how I came across your blog - but it was probably the same way as M-san. I too remember Kurt mentioning your blog as well as posts on toilets and the like. Actually, now that I think about it, I remember a dialogue between you and Kurt regarding Japanese cleanliness that kind of sparked everything.

Anyway, I have really enjoyed this space of yours on the internet and look forward to another year of snow shovelling, learning/teaching Japanese and English and, of course, toilets.


Thanks for the info, guys!

The links reminded me of the occasions, tatroyer and bcj! Good old days. ;)

Mike, I remember leaving a message impressed with the statistics. That was very interesting.

Leylop, that's kind of a mystery, isn't it? I don't know why, either. OK, taking this opportunity, I'll link to you. :)

Paburo, who's yuki?

Leann, I pinned in your GuestMap! Yeah.

M, Ken Loo, and Jason, I'm really glad you guys found me. You always give me good stimulation on the languages and cultures. I have to thank Kurt.

as always, i'm happy that I have been able to send a few readers your way (and flattered too folks would follow my advice/links). And Mike is right (and I was wrong in my previous comment), it was your comment on his post after he tested MT's "recently updated" list, to see how long his site stayed up there (back then he estimated 1/2 hour, I wonder how long it would be up there now!?). It always amazes me how relationships (and yes, we do have a relationship although I've never actually met you in person) begin on such tenous and chance meetings....