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Driver's Lesson

Just been to the one-hour lecture you have to take when you renew your driver's license every 3 or 5 years. Do you have this kind of system in your country? It's a kind of ritual you are obliged to go through as long as you have a driver's license in this country.

As I'm in the teaching job, wearing the shoe on the other foot is an interesting experience. Practically speaking, the lecture itself is nothing more than something given for form's sake, showing the recent data of traffic accidents around the local area, discussing why such accidents happen, and calling for safe driving. So, I cannot help thinking about how hard the lecturer's job may be. I mean, those taking the lecture don't ask for it, not coming on their own will, and you have to talk to the crowd who, just sitting there, give you little sign of whether they are really listening or not. One hour is a long time.

Oh yeah, today's lecturer drew one (small) laugh from the crowd during the lecture. Good job.


To renew driver licenses in Illinois, you just show up, have your picture taken, pay the bill, and go on your merry way.

Lecture? How fun...

We pretty much do the same as Illinois except we're given a minor eye test as well.

In Texas, the last time I went in to renew they just did an eye test and took my fingerprints (this was new) and my photograph. The last two times, however, since I haven't had an accident or a ticket, they have sent the renewal in the mail and I haven't had to go back at all. I like this system, especially as my license photograph is much younger-looking than I am.

Same here in Iowa. Walk in, showed them my old license, they took at digital picture, did my eye test, payed my fee, and in 5 minutes I was out the door with another 4 year license. :-)

In Melbourne (Australia) we only renew every 10 years! And then it's the stock standard new photo, eye test, take your money etc listed above.
So glad there's no lecture!

share the joke with us kiyo, c'mon

Paburo, I've forgotten what he said. To be more precise, I wasn't listening to him at that very moment, thinking about other things. So, I don't even know whether that was a joke or not. All I heard was the (small) laugh among the crowd. Ha ha, sorry!

the last time I renewed my California Drivers' License, I just had to return some form in the mail, and a few weeks later I got my new license. What a relief too, as there are few places as hellish as a California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) office!

oh yeah. I had to sit through that one too. Except ours was a video. Maybe because I live in a smallish town. Most of the guys were asleep (or feigning it) and the girls were either typing email on thier keitai or fiddling with their nails. 1 more year to my "gold" ( or is it "silver"? - 5 years no bad stuff). yippers.

Thanks for the comments, Kurt and tim. So, you two have Japanese driver's license? Yeah, "gold" kaado, which I've never been granted. Ha ha.

Hong Kong (where I live) is every ten years, but you fill in the form, no test. The UK, where I am from, is get a license, lasts until you are 70 then you have to take a test every year.

Very fun BLOG, found you from Leylop, when I get round to it I'll add a link although you can that yourself if you pay a visit. I am so jealous - Hokkaido is one of my all time must see places I have never been!!!

Thanks for the info, phil. The British system sounds reasonable. :)

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